Helen Love started life as a one off single around the Riot Grrl period in 1993, I had received a demo from Dave who was in Lovesick and it was great. Formula One Racing Girls’ DG018came out in late 93 and it sold pretty well but no press or anything followed, we decided to do another single which was ‘Joey Ramoney’, DG027as soon as this was released we had a call from Everett True from the Melody Maker who wanted to do an interview. Mark Radcliffe started playing them on Radio 1 and it all started looking really good for the three girls from Swansea.

Wat Tyler had wanted to do a xmas single that year so I asked Helen Love to come up with a Xmas track, Happiest time of the year arrived in the post and was duly released (just after xmas I think). DG033By early 94 they had finished there third proper single ‘Punk Boy’. It got great reviews and led onto an ‘On’ piece in the NME. It was later covered by Ash on their Fierce Panda single. Around this time Joey Ramoney got in touch with the band saying how much he liked their stuff and inviting them to go over to the states to play at his club, very exciting times.

DG042Their next release was a 10” mini album ‘Summer Pop, Punk Pop’ with 6 tracks on it, this went straight in at No. 4 in the indie charts. A compilation of all their early singles was released soon after caller ‘Radio Hits’. 4 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [3]


After that we did 4 more singles over the next two years and another singles compilation called Radio Hits 2 before they jumped ship and signed a worldwide deal with Che Records.

4 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [3]

After 5 years away Helen Love returned to DamagedGoods in late 2001 and

DG80released another now deleted Xmas single (DG 206) and we have also re-released their Che album, on vinyl as well as a repackaged CD. We’ve also just done another compilation of single tracks called Radio Hits 3.


In 2012 we did a one-off Christmas single with them which also featured ‘Ricardo Autobahn from the Cuban Boys called ‘And The Salvation Army Band Played’

4 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [3]

They are now signed to Elefant records in Spain and had their “It’s My Club And I’ll Play What I Want To’ album released in 2007 and are currently working on new material for release in 2013.