Bringing pub-rock ‘n’ roll back to the pub!

The wind-swept, south-east coast of England brings forth Thee Dagger Debs, and not a moment too soon! Since forming in the Autumn of 2014, they have built up a loyal fan base through gigs and radio airplay both here and on the continent.

Back then they were known as Thee Jezebels however the band recently had to change its name due to the unexpected demand of an Australian band with a similar name and completely opposite approach to music, who accused Thee Jezebels of “trademark infringement”. As absurd as it may sound, they threatened to take the band to court. Legal help was sought, and a name change was eventually put in place.

They are now currently working towards the recording of an L.P. and a subsequent European tour.

Saluting the great British Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues bands of the 60’s and early 70’s, Thee Dagger Debs bring their brand of mono fuzzed-up, raucous, pub-rock ‘n’ roll direct to your jukebox via their debut single Black Book b/w Cried over You released by State Records in Spring 2015.

In March 2016 they released the four-track E.P.  Mover and a Groover, voted Best Single of 2016 by Shinding Magazine.

Thee Dagger Debs promise to save you from the dull times, and will be coming to a town near you!