Holly’s third album for DG and it’s a cross between Garage and folk with Holly’s own twang. Features Holly favourites like ‘Give Back Time’ and the Bill Withers cover of ‘Use Me’. Recorded at Toe Rag Studios in London and features Bruce Brand, Baine Watson, Ed Deegan, John Gibbs and Dan Melchior. The cover was painted by John Langford from The Mekons

It’s hard to imagine how God couldn’t possibly dig Holly Golightly‘s sixth groovy full-length, but to each his own (then again, Blind Willie McTell‘s “God Don’t Like It” actually refers to moonshine). The former Headcoatee and band are in fine fettle on these 12 tracks of twangy British Invasion pop with an R&B twist. Things get off to an auspicious start with rollicking, reverb-drenched original, “I Hear You,” and come to a honey of a conclusion with one of those surprising covers that have become Golightly‘s stock in trade — in this case, a virtually unrecognizable surf guitar version of Bill Withers‘ “Use Me.” She also gives “Pretty Good Love” (aka, “That’s a Pretty Good Love,” a song mostly closely associated with blues belter Big Maybelle) a slow, seductive “Fever”-like spin, but wrote the rest of the material herself, with the exception of Dan Melchior‘s “Can’t Stand to See Your Face” (and duets with him on the harmonica-driven “Feel Something”).

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God Don't Like It


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