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In 1976/ 77 the ‘shortly to be’ Billy Chyldish, as well as being head of research in the counties first fortress study group The Medway Military Research Group, was working as an apprentice stonemason in Chatham dockyard. After seeing a feature on punk on the London Weekend show Billy thought he DAMGOOD415-BADGE 4-Resizedwouldn’t half mind being the singer in a punk rock group himself.

Childish duly left work and suggested to a few old secondary school mates that they should form one pronto. “What about a name?” they asked, “simple”, answed Wild Billy, “we’ll be called CTMF.” Button Nose Steve, who was to shortly give Billy Chyldish his punk moniker – and even owned a Woolworth’s guitar, and Dave Marsh, a form mate who said he might buy a drum kit one day – both nodded slightly.

36 years later, and CTMF have finally come into being.DAMGOOD415-BADGE 5 RESIZED

No ones sure where Dave Marsh now is, but button nose Steve is busy feeding pigs and ducks on his small holding in New Romney and Billy Chyldish, with other mates, has recorded an LPs worth of material – and half a dozen 45’s for different DAMGOOD415-BADGE 1-RESIZEDdestinations around the globe – utilising lyrics first jotted down for the original CTMF line up in 1977.

Billy describes CTMF group as “the epitome of modern”.and their sound as “the sound of yesterday, tomorow”

All of their records are released under the moniker CTMF. Some say this stands for Copyright TerMination Front, others claim it is simply short form for Clarity Through Fuzz .

There have been numerous rumours that Jimmy Cauty plays bass and that it is none other than BillDAMGOOD415-BADGE 3-Resized Drummond that can be heard on Xylophone. Billy, however, muses that though he is indeed friends with Jimmy Cauty – and has in the past been in DAMGOOD415-BADGE 7-Resizedcorrespondence with Bill Drummond – he has never knowingly heard of the KLF as he “gave up on music after punk turned crap at the end of 77”. People in the know can vouch that all this is in fact truth.



Wild Billy Childish & CTMF are back with their fifth album in five years. Brand New Cage follows the critically acclaimed SQ1 album from 2016. It features 10 new Billy Childish songs along with two written and sung by the band’s bassist Nurse Julie. Subjects include lost landmarks of ’70s Chatham, the true revolution of punk, spirituality, lost loves and the sidelining of Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones.

Some of the tracks have already been featured in the first double session on BBC 6Music, this was a track a night on the Marc Riley & Gideon Coe shows in July 2017. The sleeve art features a photo of an 18-year old Billy taken in a King’s Cross photo booth in September 1978.

“I used to cut these tribal marks into my cheeks every few weeks with a razor blade. I was really interested in African tribal scars, and I knew they had ash in there so I would rub cigarette ash in – very painful! I’m actually dressed there the most dangerous way you could be, as a punk rock teddy boy. The teds didn’t like you wearing any ted gear.I’ve got a leopardskin waistcoat, bootlace tie and my hair flat. You had 40 year old men that would glass you. We’d go see Bo Diddley in ’70s and we’d dress a little bit ted. I was on a few death lists locally with teddy boys.”

Evening listeners to 6Music will be familiar with the raw and honest sound of CTMF. The band receive regular plays on both Marc Riley and Gideon Coe’s programmes. In late 2017 they became to the first band to have sessions aired on both shows with tracks aired each night across the week. The 10 tracks were subsequently released on a limited edition 10″ LP – In The Devil’s Focus (DAMGOOD485LP).



All Our Forts Are With You – LP1, LP2, CD – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD415
Die Hinterstoisser Traverse – Dbl 10″ (Squoooge Records) LP/CD – Damaged Goods DAMGOOD426
Shall I Say Quoi? – 10″ Mini Album – (Featuring CTMF) – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD424
Acorn Man – LP/Ltd LP/ CD / Cassette – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD434
SQ1 – LP/ CD – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD452
Brand New Cage – LP/CD – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD488
In The Devil’s Focus (6Music Sessions for Marc Riley & Gideon Coe) – 10″ LP – Damged Goods – DAMGOOD485LP


There Stands The Glass – 7″ – L-13 – NY13-1
I Should Have Been In Art Skool – 7″ – L-13 – LA13-1
By Land Sea And Sky – 7″ – L-13 – No Cat
All Our Forts Are With You – 7″ – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD412
Ich Lieber Dich – 7″ Squoooge Records – SR 17.100
Joeseph Beuys Flies Again – 7″ Squoooge Records – SR 17.01
Thatcher’s Children – 7″ Box Set – L-13 – No Cat
36 Years Later – 7″ – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD420
He Wore A Pagan Robe – 7″ Squoooge Records – SR 17.113
Punk Rock Enough For Me – 7″ – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD433
Damien Hirst Is A Funny Fellow – 7″ – Fueled By Grappa – FBG004
A Glimpse Of Another Time – 7″ – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD448
A Song For Kylie Minogue – 7″ – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD454
I’ve Got A Conflicted Mind – 7″ – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD487
What About Brian – 7″ – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD486
Something’s Missing Inside – 7″ – Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD493