DG323(RED)Poly & JohnIn 2008 we had the very great honour to release a one-off Christmas single by Goldblade & Poly Styrene, it’s was on 7″ and came on either green or red vinyl, 500 of each.


It was Poly’s last release before her final album ‘Generation Indigo’ (and a couple of digi singles) and her untimely death from cancer on the 25th April 2011


A true pleasure and a very good single as well.



DG323(GREEN)The Christmas single is one of pop’s most maligned battlefields. A trail of schmaltzy, desperate or plain irritating nursery rhymes signposts the form.

Into this breach step Goldblade whose ‘City Of Christmas Ghosts’ is a new festive classic- a melancholic yet euphoric take on the Christmas song. While they were at it we also decided to get the wonderful Poly Styrene on the track to duet the vocals with Goldblade frontman brother John Robb, it’s the first time she has sung on a punk rock song since her days in X Ray Spex and the result is quite magical. Poly and John are very good friends with Goldblade supporting X Ray Spex at the recent triumphant sold out Roundhouse gig.

Poly and John star in a duet between a couple walking through the empty deserted streets on Christmas day reminiscing about lost friends in the melancholic mid winter night, looking for the true spirit of Christmas distracted by the seasonal neons before finding something erotic in the antiseptic festivities.

The single is a re-recording of a track off the recent Goldblade ‘Mutiny’ album and has been re-titled ‘City Of Christmas Ghosts’. It’s a Christmas song that’s got a melancholic and dark heart, a duet raising a toast to lost friends and celebrating the true spirit of Christmas in a tale of lost love and nostalgia for lost love and friends. The outro of the song is quite special with Poly’‘s Hare Krishna chants mixing in with the anthemic chorus giving the song a euphoric spiritual edge.

The song is huge, warm, affecting and celebratory with the production turning it into a Spector punk anthem, advance orders already point to at least a top 40 hit making the song the one to rally round for the festive season.