4 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [3]Monkhouse were from Belfast, a very raw good old fashioned punk band, the lead singer Keith, would be off the stage as much as he was on it.

DG052We did two singles and an album produced by Frankie Stubbs of Leatherface and nobody took a blind bit of notice at all. Still I liked them, a good bunch.


4 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [3]They did a split single with Wat Tyler on Rejected records too.

They also did a track for our second Xmas E.P.4 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [3] ‘Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart’ but the very next day you took it to Record & tape Exchange (Dampud 57) double 7” released 19.12.94.