What can we say about OiZONE !

Well, they were formed by a few mates from various bands from the Reading area including Shelley’s Children, Cuckooland and The Seize.

In it’s simplest form, they’re a Boyzone covers band in an ‘Oi’ syleee…but so good at it that the one single idea turned into three and then a whole album of songs by Boyzone and other pop bands of the 90’s including B*Witched, Michael Jackson & Baby Bird amongst others.

They played live a few times in London and the outskirts, usually chaotic and short…with the obligatory tights over their head to remain ‘anonymous’ which was a great idea as no one knew them anyway.

The Big Breakfast showed the video for ‘Father And Son’ when the lead singer, Ronan Keating was a guest and he said it was better than their version!