I first met Sexton at various Headcoats gigs in the early 90’s and one particular day he arrived at the gig, then promptly vanished into the toilet and emerged 10 minutes later as a woman. Happy days indeed.4 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [3]

I had a couple of albums that he did with Billy a few years earlier, they could best be described as a bit Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Anyway occasionally he would get up a do a few songs with Thee Headcoats usually Johnny Moped or ATV covers so we had the idea of them recording together, ‘No One’ (A cover of Johnny Moped’s first single) was recorded and appeared as DG 32, DG159Sexton had put a band together soon after that and we did a single (Vinyl Japan did the album)‘I’m in love with Danny Edwards’ (A late night TV presenter) was the result. DG208A few years later he got back together with Billy to do another album couple of albums together ‘The Cheeky Cheese’ & ‘Here Come The Fleece Geese’ was the results, fine albums they are too.

Their latest album, and probably thier last is ‘Dung Beetle Rolls Again’, We hope to have a compilation of all their early recordings out sometime in late 2014

DG387Sexton has various other projects going on check out for more info.