Making punk rock noises since 1993

Current official squad:
ANDREA – vocals, guitar
MASS – bass
MANUEL – drums
MAYO – guitar

City: La Spezia, Italy
Headquarters: Skaletta Rock Club
Mission: suicide
Music: punk rock

Formed in La Spezia, a small seaside town located in northern Italy, the Manges started to play Ramones-style punk rock in 1993 and they are so dumb that they never stopped.
Old school punk rockers, matching striped t-shirts, speed, melodies, fun. The lyrics are inspired by movies and novels; irony, crime, war, rock references.
They’ve recorded 5 albums and their discography includes many other releases (anthologies, eps, live, splits with Queers, Apers, McRackins, Hard-Ons). In their 27-year career they have toured Europe, North America and Japan, sharing the stage with bands as Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Descendents, Marky Ramone, Screeching Weasel, Queers, Riverdales, and Mr T Experience.

They own the record label Striped Records and manage the Italian festival Punk Rock Raduno.

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