SickThings-charlieroxyLovely band. Two great tracks on Raw Deal compilation Bondage Boy and Street Kids. (Delightful lyrics. I don’t know about Charlie’s relationships what with bondage, sadomasochism, whore shagging v.d and sleeping with the dead !!!!)

These two tracks plus two others (Antisocial Disease & Sleeping With The Dead) were to be released in 1979 as Raw 28 as an ep but resurfaced in fact in 1983 on Chaos records as The Legendary Sick Things. Dire picture cover – great music.SickThings-origcover

“Some say you’ve got the pox / Some say you’ve got vd / But if you got either baby / You ain’t gonna fuck me / …Keep that cock right away / You’re anti social you can stay.”
Antisocial – Sick Things

Lee Woods, Raw Records owner, on the Sick Things.

“After the Killjoys record was released in July 1977, demo tapes started to arrive. I put an advert in the classifieds of Music Maker (in those days the main paper for musicians), and the telephone never stopped ringing. One of the phone calls came from a girl who called herslf “Charlie”. She worked for a record pressing plant in the West London area. In a call that probably lasted 45 minutes her personality was so sparkling that I agreed to record her band without ever seeing or hearing them. They were called The Sick Things!”SickThings-charlie-1

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We re-issued the EP in a more appropriate cover in 2000, Damgood 1840 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [3]