DG068A great three piece from London / Harlow, this is from their website…we did a single and an album, both long deleted, played one of the scariest gigs i ever went to, supporting the Business…they finished and a total riot broke out, the whole place smashed up…lovely!

“Formed by a couple of gooners Travis Cut played their first gig supporting D.O.A. at the Underworld in Camden.

I really hate the Underworld.

I mean it. Whats the point of living in London when you can’t fuckin’ afford to pay to get in somewhere and then pay for a drink. sod it. I’m going to the north.

You can buy a house up there for £100.”

Anyway then they released a shit load of singles and some albums and lost all their drummers.

DG82hope that answers any questions you may have had.

I somehow doubt it.