Another of Wild Billy Childish’s bands is ‘The Musicians Of The British Empire’. (2006-2012…)

Every 5 years or so Billy Childish is sited by a current top band as the embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll integrity, and every 5 years or so Billy splits his group up and starts again from scratch. With The Musicians of the British Empire, Billy carried on his tradition of home made punk and rhythm and blues. Singing odes to Joe Strummer and nodding to The Who, whilst showing the next generation what a real rock ‘n’ roll group sounds like.


Their first official gig was at the Dirty Water Club in London on the 17th of November 2006.

Their debut single ‘Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall’ / ‘Joe Strummers Grave’ was released by us in DG321November 2006, closely followed by their debut album also called “Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall”. A second single was released a couple of months later, an alternative version of ‘Snack Crack’.

DG296Christmas 2007 saw the release of their second album a very special Christmas album called ‘Christmas 1979’ (and a 7” of the same name) album and single, both called “Christmas 1979”

2008 saw them touring and then straight back into the studio for their second album ‘Thatcher’s Children’. Again it’s mainly recorded at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester and a few tracks while touring in Spain. It features 12 new tracks including the singles ‘Thatchers Children’ and ‘He’s Making A Tape’ also includes cover art by Jamie Reid.

DG3132009 has meant more touring plus a break from the MBE’s to record a CHATHAMSINGERS album plus a few radio sessions and some festival appearances.

The MBE’s are currently taking a little hiatus while Billy works with Neil Palmer (Fire Dept) on the Vermin Poets and Spartan Dreggs releases and Billy’s currently fronting the CTMF