It’s the TWELTH album they’ve released in a career dating back to the late 1980’s, The Loins began having a laugh 20 years ago with two utterly live, mono, vinyl only LP releases on Billy Childish’s gorgeously Luddite record label, Hangman. Ever enduring outsiders, it’s likely they are now the world’s longest serving, truly amateur, […]




The Singing Loins began having a laugh 20 years ago with two utterly live, mono, vinyl only LP releases on Billy Childishʼs gorgeously Luddite record label, Hangman. Ever enduring outsiders, itʼs likely they are now the worldʼs longest serving, truly amateur, original musical group. Theyʼre certainly the fucking best. STUFF is the 11th offering of bare-knuckle folk from the Medway Delta. Their […]



The Drowned Man Resuscitator


authentic raw folk from the medway delta They’ve been described as grossly underrated – Portland Mercury USA, but they’re not bitter. If you want to know the truth that’s what’s kept them jabbing all these years, getting better and stronger. Now they release their 9th album, a bone crunching left hook, on premier indie label, […]


Songs To Hear Before You Die


After last years successful reformation and the release of their 49 track compilation ‘The Complete & Utter Singing Loins’… The Singing Loins are back with a brand new album called ‘Songs To Hear Before You Die’ which features 12 new songs including a version of the Buff Medway’s last single ‘Medway Wheelers’ which Billy gave […]


The Complete And Utter


The Complete & Utter Everyone was complaining that their vinyl was scratched, their old record players had conked out, or their cassettes had been chewed up.  Only the first two LP’s were ever distributed (Hangman/Revolver), the others we only sold as cassettes at gigs, so I thought it would be a service to mankind to […]


At The Bridge


One of our favourite early releases and a rather overlooked classic album, a one off collaboration between Billy Childish and legendary Medway folkies The Singing Loins’

This was recorded in 1993 when Billy was in Thee Headcoats and The Singing Loins were in their first incarnation