After nine years we are very pleased to present the brand new album from Ms Fabienne Delsol! Fabienne Delsol’s new album Four is a culmination of a year or so’s activity at Toerag studios. The big change this time around is the co-production by Fabienne alongside Luke Oldfield, himself a long-time engineer and producer at […]


On My Mind


The very welcome return of Fabienne Delsol with her 3rd solo album, a follow up to 2007’s “Between You And Me.” Originally from Limoges in France, Fabienne was formerly the lead singer of legendary London garage band The Bristols and has been living and working in London with  husband Liam Watson (Toe Rag Studios) since […]


Between You And Me


Fabienne Delsol is back with her follow up to her 2004 debut solo album ‘No Time For Sorrows’ (Damgood 221) Over three years in the making, ‘Between You And Me’ is full of swinging 60’s  Ye Ye pop charm including a few French language songs and the single ‘I’m Gonna Catch Me A Rat’. It’s […]


The Best Of Fabienne Delsol & The Bristols


A ‘Best Of’ collection of Fabiennes work prior to her solo work when she was lead singer of The Bristols. The Bristols were Liam Watson of Toe Rag and Ed Deegan’s (who engineered at ToeRag) brainchild, along with Parsley, Owen Thomas, Cyril Roy, Johnny Maben and of course Fabienne on vocals. The majority of their […]


No Time For Sorrows


The debut album from Fabienne Delsol who is from Limoges in France but now based in London and is better known as the lead singer of legendary garage band ‘The BRISTOLS’ Fabienne Delsol recorded this at Toe Rag studios in London with Liam Watson, owner of Toe Rag and producer of some of the finest […]




Fabienne Delsol & Liam Watson’s garage supergroup featuring amongst it’s ranks Bruce Brand (Milkshakes/Headcoats) Owen Thomas (Graham Coxon Band/Cee Bee Beaumont) Parsley (The Adventures of Parsley / Dutronc / Dee Rangers) and the glorious vocal talents of Miss Fabienne Delsol they released two full length albums on Damaged Goods and three singles. They released their […]