A Song For Kylie Minogue


Brand new single from Billy Childish’s CTMF!

On transparent red or transparent yellow vinyl! (each limited to 400 copies!)


SQ 1


Brand new album from Billy Childish’s CTMF!

‘the reason we didn’t sound like the Smiths is because we wanted to sound like this’

40 years ago, Billy Childish, then a 16 year old working in Chatham dockyard formed a group called ‘the Chatham Forts’, and started a journey through punk rock from 1977 to now. Along the way this painter/ poet has released over 140 independent LPs. (SQ 1 is something like his 150th – no one knows for sure.)




Wild Billy Childish & CTMF are back! Hot on the heels of their recent “Punk Rock Enough For Me” single is the band’s second longplayer ‘Acorn Man’.


Knights Of The Baskervilles


A 12” LP only re-issue of a long deleted, previously US only Thee Headcoats album. Originally issued in 1996 on the Birdman Records label (BMR-013) 12 tracks including ‘This Wondrous Day’ ‘She’s In Disguise’ & ‘What You See Is What You Are’ The cover has been totally reworked by Billy Childish Thee Headcoats were formed […]


The Kids Are All Square – This Is Hip!


NOW AVAILABLE ON WHITE VINYL – CLICK HERE A 12” LP re-issue of arguably the best of Thee Headcoats album. Originally issued in 1990 on Billy’s own Hangman Records label  12 tracks including bona fide Headcoats classics ‘All My Feelings Denied’ ‘Davey Crockett’ & ‘Cowboys Are Square’ This album also features the first ever recording by […]


Archive From 1959 – The Billy Childish Story


Billy Childish has been releasing records, painting, writing poetry and generally doing his own thing for the past 32 years. He first took to the stage back in October 1977 with seminal punk garage band The Pop Rivets, they split after two years and from there he joined The Milkshakes along with fellow Pop Riveter […]


Ju Ju Claudius


The Chatham Singers second album following their critically acclaimed debut ‘Heavens Journey’ which came out in late 2005, the critically acclaimed ‘Heavens Journey’ was a mixture of Blues and Poetry, this time is a straight blues and little bit of country album. It has has a earthy, homespun charm, something to be taken down from […]


An Image Of You


The Chatham Singers first album came out in late 2005, the critically acclaimed ‘Heavens Journey’ was a mixture of Blues and Poetry, since that album they have played select shows and festivals and now three years later they have gone back into the studio to record the follow up, as yet untitled album. This very […]


He’s Making A Tape


This is the second single taken from their latest album ‘Thatcher’s Children’ (Damgood 313) and again it’s a limited edition 7” featuring ‘He’s Making A Tape’ on the ‘A’ side with an exclusive b-side which is rather good called ‘You’re Just Jealous Of Me’.  It’s already getting loads of radio plays on Radio 2 and […]


Thatchers Children


Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians Of The British Empire are back with a brand new album ‘Thatcher’s Children’. This is their third album in as many years and has 12 new tracks including the title track, which will also be available in an alternative version as a limited 7” (Damgood 311). The front cover […]