Do It Dog Style


Reissue of the first Slaughter and The Dogs album that was first released by Decca records in 1978.

Yeah About Time Too!


Long delayed debut album from Identity, one of the daftest punk-pop bands around, good album though!

Serial Incompetance


Harlow three piece poppy hardcore bands debut album Sold out

Top TV Themes


Debut album from a band that specialise in cover versions or recreations of classic TV and film theme tunes. They did sessions for Mark Radcliffe on Radio 1 plus a few sessions on BBC London too. A second and possibly third album was also recorded at the same time, we are currently discussing releasing them […]

Radio Times


This was going to be a BBC sessions plus demos album by The Rezillos, it may happen one day, i hope so!

Heavens Journey (Box set)


This was the special limited edition of the album, limited to 100 copies in a numbered box set along with Billy’s new book of poetry. Sold Out —— Although playing and recording blues for over a quarter of a century, this is the first LP Mister Childish has made in this genre in for several […]

Flat Pack Philosophy


THE BUZZCOCKS BRAND NEW ALBUM WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE VINYL  ‘FLAT PACK PHILOSOPHY’ (CD : Cooking Vinyl – VINYL : Damaged Goods) Flat Pack Philosophy is by miles the best Buzzcocks album since 1979’s ‘A Different Kind Of Tension’.   Features the single ‘WISH I NEVER LOVED YOU’ (DAMGOOD 261 – 7”)  Buzzcocks – a band with […]

ACORN MAN – Limited Edition LP


This is the Limited Edition, Hand Pasted LP version of the Acorn Man album. Wild Billy Childish & CTMF are back! Hot on the heels of their recent “Punk Rock Enough For Me” single is the band’s second longplayer ‘Acorn Man’. Billy Childish is an international cult figure, painter, poet and novelist. He has released […]



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