Journalist Jive


Formed: Crawley, Sussex, England, UK Raw Records band, from Crawley, Sussex, Lockjaw began life as The Guernsey Flowers and then The Amazing Doctor Octopuss. They recorded two singles, both for Raw. The first of these is middling but moderately entertaining MOR punk with no standout features, although the shambolic destruction of The Young Ones on […]

Little Stars


Holly was an original member of Thee Headcoatees and she was also the first one to do her own records away from the band releasing her first single on Vinyl Japan, the ‘Jiggy-Jiggy‘ E.P. in 1994. Her first album ‘The Good Things‘ was released on Damaged Goods and what an album, still one of my […]

Merry Xmas I Don’t Wanna Fight


The first brand new release from the very un-prolific Helen Love, their first recordings since leaving Che records and returning to Damaged Goods. ‘Merry Christmas’ is a cover of the Ramones classic done in the Helen Love style, lots of very naughty samples too. It’s a one sided 7” with a inscribed b-side. They are […]

Walk A Mile


A limited edition 7” featuring one track from Holly’s forthcoming album ‘Truly She Is None Other’ (Damgood 213) called ‘Walk A Mile’ The B-side is exclusive to this release and is a duet between Holly and the legendary Sexton Ming’ and it’s called ‘Don’t **** Around With Love’ Holly will be heading out on a […]

Merry Christmas Fritz


Yes it’s a Christmas single from Wild Billy Childish and the friends of the Buff Medway’s Fanciers Association which features two very festive tracks, ‘Merry Christmas Fritz’ is a mad noisy ‘what you’d expect’ sort of Buffs track about the legendary football match between the English and German soldiers in the first world war. It […]

The Buffets Vs The Buff Medways


Next month sees the debut single from THE BUFFETS (that’s BUFF-A’s to you sonny) ‘An all girl tribute to The Buff Medways – the worlds greatest gararge group.’ Featuring Sister Tiffany Lee Linnes – vocals and guitar (Ex Stuck-up’s singer), Nurse Julie – bass and vocals (Chatham Singers) & Matron Bongo – drums and vocals […]

Radio Times


This was going to be a BBC sessions plus demos album by The Rezillos, it may happen one day, i hope so!

The Sound Of The Baskervilles


Live album split 50/50 with Thee Headcoats and Thee Headcoatees, originally released on Overground Records in 1995, repressed on Vinyl Lovers, Russia in 2010.



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