Christmas 1979 (Single)

Track list:

  • 1 Christmas 1979
  • 2 Ho Ho!

Wild Billy Childish & ‘The Musicians Of The British Empire’ are back with their second single called ‘Christmas 1979’ which is taken from the album of the same name.


Every year at Damaged Goods we try to put out a Christmas single and this year on a very hot June day we asked Mr Childish if he fancied doing a whole album of

Christmas themed tunes…after a couple of weeks he had worked out half the album and in July went into the studio to record it, a week later in early August the Christmas 1979 album was complete.


This is the excellent title track from the album and it’s backed with an exclusive b-side called ‘Ho Ho!’ (which you may know as ‘Well Well’)


This is our favourite track on the album which recounts one particularly harrowing Christmas in Billy’s life.


It’s limited to 2000 copies, 1000 Red and 1000 Green vinyl


The Musicians Of The British Empire are: –

Wild Billy Childish – Vox / Guitar  Nurse Julie – Vox / Bass  Wolf Howard – Drums


Track Listing


  1. A.    Christmas 1979
  2. B.    Ho Ho!