Conquer The World

Track list:

  • 1 Conquer The World
  • 2 Diagnosis

‘Conquer The World’ is the third single in just under a year from Leeds’s Cyanide Pills. It features a non-album exclusive b-side and will be on limited brown vinyl.

 The Cyanide Pills are from Leeds and have been playing around for a few years, this is pure, very British punk rock with a great pop sensibility, they played with the Cute Lepers in May and the will be doing a full tour later in the year. Their debut album ‘Cyanide Pills’ is also out in July on LP/CD

This is from SugarBuzz Magazine…

I love the Cyanide Pill’s tinny, spontaneous, cheap-sounding, production value, too. It sounds raw, and real…Americans tend to Pro-Tool the life outta everything, nowadays. They polish it ’til it becomes a product, loses all it’s charm, and truthfulness. The ‘Pills aren’t merely eager young puppets, being master-minded by some grey haired old fart producer. I’m glad they ain’t got nobody editing out all the raggedy, heart-felt bits! Man, the CYANIDE PILLS are fucking great! They’re fun, boppy, now. Truly, the nazz. Bubblegum lyrics about politics and teenage alienation. They look terrific. You’re sure to dig ’em. if you like real rock’n’roll. Seek them out, NOW.