Track list:

  • 1 Hello Heaven
  • 2 Monsters Ashore
  • 3 Crying Out Loud
  • 4 My Darling
  • 5 Harbour Wall (St. Ives)
  • 6 Crown Of Roses
  • 7 Close Your Eyes
  • 8 Happy Me Up
  • 9 Drunk & Fed
  • 10 Try
  • 11 Alien
  • 12 With All Your Blessed Heart

It’s the TWELTH album they’ve released in a career dating back to the late 1980’s, The Loins began having a laugh 20 years ago with two utterly live, mono, vinyl only LP releases on Billy Childish’s gorgeously Luddite record label, Hangman.
Ever enduring outsiders, it’s likely they are now the world’s longest serving, truly amateur, original musical group. Their very creative strength is derived from ordinary lives of day jobs, families and mortgages. Perversely un-ambitious, they remain untainted, uncorrupted, and above all else, still doing it for the reason they started doing it – Love.

This album marks a change in the bands sound, nothing too drastic but it’s a bigger, ballsier sound, probably due to the addition of John Forrester on double bass plus a few others at the recording and the ever great, Jim Riley at Ranscome in Rochester…my dear!.

The cover is a painting by long term friend of the band, Billy Childish,, taken from his latest show at Chatham Dockyard.