Medicine County

Track list:

  • 1 Forget It
  • 2 Two Left Feet
  • 3 Medicine County
  • 4 I Can't lose
  • 5 Murder In My Mind
  • 6 Blood On The Saddle (Feat Mr. Tom Heinl)
  • 7 When He Comes
  • 8 Escalator
  • 9 Eyes In The Back Of My Head
  • 10 Dearly Departed
  • 11 Don't Fail Me Now
  • 12 Jack O'Diamonds

Holly and Lawyer Dave are back with their third album together as Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs.

‘Medicine County’ was written and recorded on a farmhouse just outside Athens in Georgia and as Holly says it’s “peppier” than the last album, in fact there’s only one slow song on the whole album which is probably down to the fact that this time they had a lot longer to work on the songs and recording, their last album was recorded in the middle of a very long European tour over a week or two in Spain.

So what does it sound like? Choc-full of ghostly blues, gut-bucket slide guitar, with a smattering of ol’ time country. This is just the disc for conjuring up the spirit of weird old America.

Anyone with an interest or liking for the music of The Band, Son House, or Hank Williams, sung by Nancy and Lee, should certainly check it out!

Holly’s mum painted the cover, which adds to the warm home-spun appeal.

12 brand new songs including a cover of Wreckless Eric’s ‘Murder In My Mind’ and a guest appearance by Tom Heinl on ‘Blood On The Saddle’ (Tom wrote Holly’s Christmas track ‘Christmas Tree On Fire’)