Punk Girls

Track list:

  • 1 Punk Girl
  • 2 Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
  • 3 Billy B. Childish
  • 4 Teenage Kicks
  • 5 You're Right, I'm Wrong

Thee Headcoatees ‘Punk Girls’ reissued after 20 years, it’s one of their best and meanest records. The opener, “Punk Girl,” is Kyra at her most defiant. She’s had people walk all over her and abuse her and she’s not taking shit from anyone anymore. She’s out for blood and it shows. Ludella is equally spiteful on “Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand”. This is really a great angry album. Best version of “Teenage Kicks” after the original. Screw The Raconteurs. Jack White knows who ripped off who. Of course closer, “Ca Plane Pour Moi” is the Thee Headcoatees on fire. Not a bad song on here. (C : Mortytoad)