A brand new album from Holly Golightly, her lucky 13th in fact and is the follow up to

Her most  successful album to date ‘Truly she is none other’ (Damgood 213)

This album features 12 new songs recorded at Toe Rag Studios with Liam ‘White Stripes’ Watson at the controls in April this year. 

The band features Ed Deegan on Guitar, Matt Radford on Double bass,  Bruce Brand on drums, The Bongolian on Keyboards, Little Ed on guitar & Sitar and Liam Watson on 6 string bass. 

The overall sound on this albums is bigger and slightly more polished than usual and with the addition of Nas on the organ on half the tracks it’s got an almost ‘Prisoners / Animals feel about it.  Promo’s and new photos available now

Slowly But Surely


Formats: LP, CD and Download