Track list:

  • 1 Slab O’ Slate
  • 2 Where’s My Machine Gun?
  • 3 Nail It Back Together
  • 4 Dying For Your Love
  • 5 Friendship, For Once
  • 6 Running Away From Home
  • 7 Another Folk Song About Death
  • 8 All Her Life
  • 9 Ascending Chatham Hill
  • 10 The Dog Shit Gang
  • 11 Any Good Englishman
  • 12 Even As It Rains Down Hard

The Singing Loins began having a laugh 20 years ago with two utterly live, mono, vinyl only LP releases on Billy Childishʼs gorgeously Luddite record label, Hangman.

Ever enduring outsiders, itʼs likely they are now the worldʼs longest serving, truly amateur, original musical group. Theyʼre certainly the fucking best.

STUFF is the 11th offering of bare-knuckle folk from the Medway Delta. Their song writing is steeped in the British & European traditions of Punk, Folk, Music Hall, Character, Chorus, Cabaret, Melodrama & Buffoonery. Perhaps their very creative strength is derived from ordinary lives of day jobs, families and mortgages. Itʼs hypothetical, of course, but would Morrissey, Bono, Albarn, McCartney, et al. have continued unabated in the face of such utter indifference? Would they fuck. Perversely un-ambitious, they remain untainted, uncorrupted, and above all else, still doing it for the reason they started doing it – Love. So, Ladies & Gentlemen of the press; donʼt spoil things now. Whisper your astonishment and keep the release of this awesome recording firmly under your Fedoras.

I thank you.

Shorebird Crick Esq.

Ferry Lane, Wouldham-by-Rochester-Upon-Medway.

Winter AD2010