Takin’ The Piss

One of the great records of the early days of Damaged Goods, just celebrated 25 years since the original recording date, 18th September 1993 where they knocked out this garage classic in three and a half hours at Toe Rag Studios, when it was in Shoreditch, long before the beards moved in…and that’s still a record I believe, Mr Childish twiddled the knobs while they drunk excessively.

As Gus Claudius said on the back of the record…

‘Hailing from Snodland, Kent. Armitage Shanks, ‘The Morons Of Medwaybeat’ here showcase 14 of their finest moments. Recorded live in three & a half hours, on the 18th of September 1993 in commemoration of the death of James Marsall Hendrix, and I’m sure you will agree with me, these four fat, sad, gary lagers pay adequate homage to that gay old minstrel of rock (I Should cocoa)

Anyway, this they tell me is punk rock, punk rock ?

CUNT rock more like !!

Gus Claudius, The Monks Head, Snodland