The Cheap Damaged Goods Sampler Vol 3

The third sampler from the Damaged Goods back catalogue this time featuring 28 tracks both new and old with three exclusives, Buzzcocks ;Don’t Come Back’ Previously unavailable on CD, The Kitchen ‘Legion Of Mary Team’ Previously unreleased and Honeyrider ‘Cyberfriends Network’’ also unreleased.

Eight page full colour booklet, 28 tracks all for the price of a CD single.

1. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY ‘IN YOUR HEAD’ taken from her latest album ‘Slowly But Surely’ (Damgood 232 LP / CD)

2. THE ULCERS ‘ACTION’ taken from their debut album ‘Hot Skin & Cold Ca$h’ (Damgood 230 LP / CD)

3. BUZZCOCKS ‘DON’T COME BACK’ Previously unavailable on any album or CD

4. SHELLEYS CHILDREN ‘ JACK’ taken from the album ‘Everything’ (Damgood 225CD)

5. FABIENNE DELSOL ‘ I’M GONNA HAUNT YOU’ taken from her debut album ‘No Time For Sorrows’ (Damgood 221 LP / CD)

6. ARMITAGE SHANKS ‘Drowning, Not Waving’ taken from the album ‘Urinal Heap’ (Damgood 224 CD)

7. AGE OF JETS ‘For The Love Of An Eskimo’ taken from the album ‘Go Go Gadget Pop’ (Damgood 227 CD)

8. THE KITCHEN ‘ LEGION OF MARY TEAM’  not taken from their debut album ‘Foreign Objects’ (Damgood 235 LP/CD),

9. HONEYRIDER ‘Cyberfriends Network’ Unreleased track

10. MIKABOMB ‘Contact Tokyo’ taken from the album ‘The Fake Fake Sound Of Mikabomb’ (Damgood 196 LP/CD)

11. COGS ‘NO EXPECTATIONS’ Taken from the album ‘Viva’ (Damgood 172)

12. BUFF MEDWAYS ‘Don’t Hold Me Back’  Taken from the 7” (Damgood 188)

13. SINGING LOINS ‘I Don’t Like The Man I Am’ taken from the double CD ‘The Complete & Utter Singing Loins’ (Damgood 231 CD)

14. HARD SKIN ‘Beer and Fags ‘ taken from the album ‘Live And Loud & Skinhead (Damgood 167 LP / CD)

15. OiZONE ‘ ARMS OF MARY ‘ taken from the album ‘An Indifferent Beat’ (Damgood 163 LP/CD)

16. CUCKOOLAND ‘ WINTER  ‘ taken from the album ‘Banga-Boom-Boom’ (Damgood 226CD)

17.   HOMESCIENCE  ‘GOODBYE’ Taken from the album ‘’Main Sprit Weind’ (Damgood 192 CD)

18.  HELEN LOVE ‘,LOVE KISS RUN SING SHOUT JUMP’ Taken from the album ‘Radio Hits 1’ (Damgood 51 LP / CD)

19.  BUDGET GIRLS ‘YOU’RE SO SORRY’ Taken from the album ‘On A Tight Budget (Damgood 129 CD)

20. LUDELLA BLACK ‘LOVE POURS OUT FROM MY HEART  ‘ taken from the album ‘She’s Out There’ (Damgood 186 LP /CD)

21.  MANIC STREET PREACHERS ‘STRIP IT DOWN’ from the ‘New Art Riot’ EP (Yubb 4 12” / CD)

22.  SNIVELLING SHITS  ‘Terminal Stupid’ taken from the album ‘I Can’t Come’ (Damgood 205 CD)

23.  POP RIVETS ‘FUN IN THE UK’ taken from the album ‘Greatest Hits’ (Damgood 217 LP / CD)

24.  THE USERS ‘Sick Of You’ taken from the compilation ‘(Oh No It’s) More from Raw’ (Damgood 212 LP / CD)

25.  REVILLOS ‘mind bending cutie doll’ taken from the album ‘’From The Freezer’ (Damgood 97 CD)

26.  PORK DUKES ‘Down Down Down’ taken from the album ‘’Kum Kleen’ (Damgood 229 CD)

27.  OI-VEY ‘SATURDAY NIGHT’ taken from the double 7” ‘the New Wave Of The Close Shave’ (Damgood 0111)

THEE HEADCOATEES ‘YOUNG BLOOD’ Taken from the album ‘Sisters Of Suave’ (Damgood 161 LP/CD)