Track list:

  • 1 Boom! Dynamite
  • 2 Hop the Twig
  • 3 Want You! Like A Cigarette
  • 4 Christmas (I Can Hardly Wait)
  • 5 Time is Ticking
  • 6 I’ve Been Walking
  • 7 Only Happy When You’re Gone
  • 8 The Boy I Love
  • 9 Night Time (The Boy of Mine)
  • 10 R.I.N.G.O.
  • 11 Misfits & Freaks
  • 12 Strawberry Boy
  • 13 Push It Too Hard
  • 14 Voodoo Doll


DAMAGED GOODS are proud to announce our first ever US only release, this is a compilation, an introduction, if you like for The Courettes to the American & Canadian market.

To coincide with The Courettes’ first US tour we’re very pleased to announce this special compilation album.

Boom! Dynamite includes singles, deep cuts from their studio albums, with B-sides and rarities thrown in for good measure!

First pressing on orange vinyl was limited to 1000 copies only, Now sold out, repressing on purple vinyl, 1000 copies.

The Courettes are two souls in love with each other and in love with rock ‘n’ roll. They’ve been touring nonstop throughout Europe since 2015, bringing their “perfect blend of garage rock, ‘60s Girl Group, Wall of Sound, surf music and doo wop” to the delight of any audience even remotely interested in rock ‘n’ roll. Expect excitement, danger, sweat, explosive performances, and most importantly, GREAT tunes! The “hardest working band in showbiz” now venture further away – After visiting the Land of the Rising Sun in 2022, The Courettes are thrilled to tour the USA for the first time in 2023.

Described as “The Ronettes meet The Ramones at a wild party at Gold Star Studios echo chamber”, The Courettes have released four fantastic albums on the legendary label Damaged Goods Records, each one praised by magazines such as MOJO and Shindig!, most notably the Back In Mono album in 2021, a true milestone in their career.

This new compilation, Boom! Dynamite, released exclusively for the US market, guides you through their albums from the very beginning, from the early raw power garage rock onto their present Spector/Levine Wall of Sound Gold Star sound, made using complex recording techniques at StarrSound Studios in Denmark with top producer Søren Christensen and mixing genius Seiki Sato from Japan.

From Here Are The Courettes, their debut album from 2015, you´ll find ‘I’ve Been Walking’, ‘Push it Too Hard’ (a duet with Kim Kix of Powersolo), both raw and rocking, along with a 2021 re-recording of ‘The Boy I Love’, which heads deep down the ‘60s Girl Group alley. On We Are The Courettes, their second album, the duo began using overdubs in the studio. You can hear Flavia singing harmonies and playing piano and organ on the swinging tracks ‘Time is Ticking’ and ‘Strawberry Boy’. The album also contained the garage nerve of ‘Hoodoo Hop’ and ‘Voodoo Doll’, featuring legendary Brazilian Horror icon Coffin Joe on spells.

The brilliant Back in Mono album found The Courettes on top songwriting form and was made using the Wall of Sound technique of their own StarrSound Studios. Back In Mono is represented on the compilation by ‘Hop The Twig’, ‘Want You! Like a Cigarette’, ‘Night Time (The Boy of Mine)’, ‘R.I.N.G.O’ and ‘Misfits & Freaks’. ‘Only Happy When You’re Gone’ is a hidden gem from Back in Mono (B-Sides & Outtakes), and the fantastic single ‘Christmas (I Can Hardly Wait)’ is for the first time included on an album by The Courettes.

Featuring Brazilian Flavia Couri on guitars and vocals, and Danish Martin Couri on drums, The Courettes were born international. For them there are no nations or borders. Their mission is to connect, cherish, and inspire rock ´n´ roll souls around the world, including now, in the USA.

The Courettes are pure dynamite! Turn up the volume and fuzz out! BOOM!