The Good Things

Track list:

  • 1 Virtually Happy
  • 2 Listen
  • 3 Wherever You Were
  • 4 Good Things
  • 5 Expert
  • 6 Comedy Time
  • 7 Hold On
  • 8 Without You
  • 9 Any Other Way
  • 10 The Ride #2
  • 11 Every Word
  • 12 The Last Time
  • 13 Charm
  • 14 Headstart

Holly-earlyMiss Holly Golightly’s wonderful debut album from 1995, at this point she was still a Headcoatee too.

Originally a 10″ LP, now available as a 12″ LP & CD/Digi


Holly Golightly’s solo debut is quite a departure from her usual gig as a member of the garage-rocking, Billy Childish-sponsored group Thee Headcoatees. But for a couple of tracks, Golightly and Thee Headcoatees drummer Bruce Brand create a low-key and introspective musical mood.

The overall sound is still raw and live, but the tempos and performances are relaxed. Golightly’s voice is very intimate and conversational. She sounds especially good when she harmonizes with herself to create a girl group Dg075sound. The songs she wrote are filled with wit and verve and not a little anger. The title track is a classic “you hurt me, you suck” type of song; in fact, most of the songs here are. It is a real broken-hearted breakup record. And Golightly has the good sense to cover a Wreckless Eric song, “Comedy Time.”

Good Things is a strong debut that definitely pointed the way to the good things that were to come from Holly Golightly.