Track list:

  • 1 Every Night's a Story
  • 2 Chemical Landslide
  • 3 Army of Angels
  • 4 Don't Look Around
  • 5 Surviving
  • 6 Here Comes My Life
  • 7 Just a Dream You Had
  • 8 Find Your Own Way
  • 9 September Breakdown
  • 10 Beyond the Pale
  • 11 Now is the Winter
  • 12 Crash Landing
  • 13 Bad Caroline
  • 14 Landslide Coda

We asked Pete Stride about the album…

With this album we wanted to keep part of that old school Lurkers feel major chords, big choruses, shout along punk etc, but to make it that bit heavier. I think we succeeded. My guitar playing was by this point getting more metallic, and Esso and Nigel were both on top form for this album.

The record opens with ‘Every Night’s a Story’. I like the tune for this one a lot, it’s one of the catchiest on the album, I think. The album’s title track ‘Chemical Landslide’ has a Mick Jones style one note riff which nicely compliments the lyric, a wistful reflection on times gone by. One of our later tracks, ‘The Boys In The Corner’ from the Sex Crazy album, touched upon a similar sentiment. I also get to do more of a wig out solo later on!

‘Surviving’ has a cool military beat dropout section which I’ve always liked.

2023 – Now also available as part of a three CD box set called ‘Past & Future Landslide’ DAMGOOD594BX – Click here for more information