Track list:

  • A The Boys In The Corner
  • AA We Close The Door

The second single to be taken from their critically acclaimed 2020 album ‘Sex Crazy’. It also has an unreleased track as the ‘Double ‘A’ side on this limited edition SILVER vinyl 7″

The cover may bring back some memories if you’re old enough!

the label too…but it’s a bit dark…but you’ll get the idea.

We asked the band about the second single…

So, your second single off the album is ‘The Boys In The Corner’ is that auto-biographical in any way? It reminds us of drinking songs from years ago, like the Pogues or ‘Little Old Wine Drinker Me’ what do you think?

Pete: Yeah it is totally auto-biographical, but i believe that many people will identify with the lyrics, which have been somewhat magnified by this Covid situation.

The early versions of the song were actually much slower than this finished version, but they seemed a touch maudlin and solemn, so we decided to rock it up a bit and this worked well, adding a little defiance and celebration to the song , we are hopeful that it will be released as a single in the not too distant future.

Nigel: It’s simply a song about good friends that are no longer with us something we all experience sadly. The song is a tribute to them.

Esso: I like it too, it’s sad, Pete wrote it.