Track list:

  • 1 The Future's Calling
  • 2 We Had the Best Time
  • 3 Smiling Inside
  • 4 Summer Nights (Are Never Like Movies)
  • 5 Make Me Forget (Where We Are)
  • 6 Filled My World
  • 7 Nearly Home (Turning Pages)
  • 8 Racing Through Time
  • 9 It's Happening Today
  • 10 New Songs (Like the Old Songs)
  • 11 There Goes Deborah
  • 12 Girls Have Fun
  • 13 So Delightful
  • 14 Not The Real Thing

We asked Pete Stride about the album…

The Futures Calling seems like more of a “traditional” Lurkers album than Chemical Landslide on the whole. It is not so dark lyrically, and musically it doesn’t venture so far into metal territory. Production-wise we were a bit more confident with this one and we had a good workflow. Unusually for most bands we would bring each track to completion (ie. totally mixed and mastered) before moving onto the next. We were trying hard to keep the tempo and attack up for the bulk of the album, and with hindsight we may have overdone it a tad, a bit more variation might have been a good idea.

Some of my favourite tracks…
The opener ‘The Futures Calling’ – a return to ‘Jennyville’ and a nice slice of (very) powerpop. ‘Summer Nights are Never Like Movies’ – this is my personal favourite, and I would rank it highly amongst all the songs I’ve written. There is a lot of content and some nice rhythmic shifts, and I love the main chorus. ‘Make me Forget Where we Are’ – a raucous and catchy drinking type song. ‘Nearly Home’ – hopefully quite a meaningful song, a bit divisive, too slow for some but loved by others. We kept it empty as possible to boost the atmospherics. I really like the ‘Racing Through Time’ with the interesting lead guitar lines and the way the whole song builds up to a massive climax. ‘New Songs like the Old Songs’ – I later plundered this song for parts and it evolved into ‘Electrical Guitar’ which went on to become our first number one vinyl single. ‘It’s All Happening Today’ – I really like the choruses. I was going for a ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ type feel but I don’t think anyone would notice, it didn’t really end up that way. And finally, ‘Not the Real Thing’ which ends proceedings in a suitably powered-up manner.

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