THE WILLIAM LOVEDAY INVENTION – People Know Me But They Don’t Know Me

Track list:

  • Again and Again
  • I Wasn't Made For This World
  • People Think they Know Me (But They Don't Know Me)
  • This Wondrous day
  • The Desert's Flame
  • A-Z of Your heart
  • The Bitter Cup
  • My Love For You
  • Sonora's Death Row
  • I'm Hurting
  • You're The One I Idolise
  • My Father Was A Railroad Man
  • Again and Again (Reprise)

The first release in a series of FOUR brand new studio albums by The William Loveday Intention!

Get set for a busy winter – there are plans to release four albums by The William Loveday Intention. They will be staggered, one a month over the coming Winter. The first is set for release in October and is titled People Think They Know Me But They Don’t Know Me.

The remaining three albums are all recorded and sound excellent.

More info to follow on those when we see fit.

The four-album project includes guest appearances by James Taylor (The Prisoners, JTQ) and Dave Tattersall (The Wave Pictures) amongst others.