Thatcher’s Children

Track list:

  • 1 Thatcher's Children
  • 2 Transition Girlfriend

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Thatcher’s Children’ (Damgood 313) this is a limited edition black vinyl 7” featuring an alternative, exclusive non album version of “Thatcher’s Children”. The flip side ‘Transition Girlfriend’ is also exclusive to this release.

 The cover has been designed by James Cauty, James also does art alongside Billy & others at London’s Aquarium Gallery and was half of the KLF

‘Transition Girlfriend’ features Nurse Julie on Vocals, she’s also singing lead on two more tracks on the album.

Every 5 years or so Billy Childish is sited by the current top band as the embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll integrity, and every 5 years or so Billy splits his group up and starts again from scratch. With his latest combo, The Musicians of the British Empire, Billy carries on his tradition of home made punk and rhythm and blues. This is what a real rock ’n’ roll group sounds like.


The Musicians Of The British Empire are: –

Wild Billy Childish – Vox / Guitar

Nurse Julie – Vox / Bass

Wolf Howard – Drums