Tune In With…

Track list:

  • 1 You're a Moody Guy
  • 2 Romeo And Juliet
  • 3 So Fine
  • 4 A Picture Of You
  • 5 Baby I Got News For You
  • 6 Another Boy
  • 7 Who Does She Think She Is
  • 8 Little Baby
  • 9 Gonna Cry
  • 10 Old Man Mose
  • 11 The Beating Of My Heart
  • 12 I'll Be Gone

Fabienne Delsol & Liam Watson’s garage supergroup featuring amongst it’s ranks Bruce

bristol 02-1

Brand (Milkshakes/Headcoats) Owen Thomas (Graham Coxon Band/Cee Bee Beaumont) Parsley (The Adventures of Parsley / Dutronc / Dee Rangers) and the glorious vocal talents of Miss Fabienne Delsol they released two full length albums on Damaged Goods and three singles.

They released their first single on Hangman’s Daughter in 1994 followed by a split single with Japans Thee Michelle Gun Elephant a year later on Vinyl Japan.

This was their second and final album before Fabienne Delsol started releasing solo records

It’s still one of our favourite albums on Damaged Goods!