@ Union Chapel

Piney Gir at Union Chapel

If you haven’t been to a Daylight Music event yet, you should. It’s a daytime gig (between 12:00 and 2:30 in the afternoon) in a beautiful church with really lovely people who donate their time to make the music happen.
Piney will be doing a 10 minute mini-set to promote her song “Good Morning It’s Christmas” which will be included on the forthcoming Highline Christmas Compilation “Festivus.”
Get involved, the gig is FREE but there is a suggested £3.50 donation. Kids are welcome but not required.

@ Union Chapel

Piney Gir – Union Chapel, London

Piney does a 10 minute mini-acoustic set @ Union Chapel – BAR
Every year The Arctic Circle does a very special variety-show type gig for their Christmas podcast; this year Piney will be joining in to do a couple of songs semi-acoustically to get in the festive spirit!

@ Union Chapel

Piney Gir – Daylight Music

American Independence day special, led by the wonderful Piney Gir

PINEY GIR, Piney Gir

@ Union Chapel

Piney at The Union Chapel  

PINEY GIR, Piney Gir

@ Union Chapel

Piney Gir @ Union Chapel

Piney performs and curates Daylight Music for Midsummer Madness also featuring Oly Ralfe, She Choir, Premium Leisure… expect summer solstice celebrations, magic and witchcraft. Entry is pay-what-you-can; doors at noon.  This is an all-ages show.




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