The Galileo 7 – With The Hare and Hoofe

Triple header! The Hare and Hoofe, The Galileo 7, Ulysses come together. Each band has released a critically acclaimed album this year – let’s celebrate. Expect power-pop harmonies, monster riffs, out-of-this-world squiggly bits, interstellar overdriven guitars and more tunes than you can shake a rainbow at! Plus a sprinkling of nearly-Halloween weirdness…

PLUS! Shindig! Deejays!
£9 in advance.

The Hare And Hoofe

“The most bonkers and brilliant thing you’ll hear all year” FIVE STARS
Shindig Magazine

“A Blake’s Seven reimagining of The Pretty Things’ SF Sorrow.” 8/10 Jim Wirth, Uncut Magazine

�“A mash-up of King Gizzard and Sparks – exciting stuff”
Classic Rock

“Like a drugged-up wizard on a BMX… The future of eccentric psychedelic rock is in safe hands”
Dom Lawson, Prog Rock

“I love ‘em! Brilliant!” Marc Riley, BBC6 Music

The Galileo 7
“What makes ‘There Is Only Now’ such an unadulterated joy is the combination of Crockford’s sublime songwriting with the skilful raw power of the group’s ensemble playing. a knockout.” Vive Le Rock

“There may be other psych albums that get more critical and popular attention this year, but (‘There Is Only Now’) inspired me to seek out the band’s entire catalog to put into heavy rotation. I can’t say that for many bands these days.” Fast’n’ Bulbous

“…combine instantly lovable tunes with hints of psychedelia, the directness of the Mod spirit and a wonderfully inventive approach to arrangements / production to present an album that is vibrant and immediate. There’s a real sense of urgency to this record that will draw you in and want you to share their vision of Pop perfection.” Fear and Loathing

“The band show off the vintage purple flash of a freakbeat combo, songs that stick and move like a boxer in tip-top shape, and enough power to light a small city for a year.” Exystence

“staggeringly good… joyful psych-beat music” i94 Bar

“Every track is like an injection of sunshine, followed swiftly by a punch. Knockout.” Retro Man Blog

“Few bands make records with such pomp and flair”
5/5 review in SHINDIG MAGAZINE June 2019

“On Safari is possibly the best Pop-Rock album of the decade. Yes people, it’s THAT good”5/5 review in STONER HIVE July 2019

“A fantastic ride from start to finish, the soundtrack to the summer we have yet to experience and certainly one of the most entertaining albums you will hear this year”
10/10 review in RPM Magazine June 2019

“What an animal, a glorious album, divine even”
5/5 review in AOR HAVEN July 2019

“If it was 1974 you could expect Ulysses to be selling millions, charmingly addictive and joyous Glam Rock meets Toy Town Psych Pop meets ELO meets 10CC, this romp will have you looking at the world in a far more positive way”
5/5 review in I DON’T HEAR A SINGLE June 2019

“These guys make most modern rock bands sound like sleepwalkers, sublime stadium-ready Power Pop”
5/5 review in POP GEEK HEAVEN June 2019

“A stack-heeled stomping sense of arse-kicking fun is palpable throughout, flying in pumping style”
9/10 review in CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE June 2019

“A smorgasbord of sounds, brilliantly tongue in cheek, yet reverential”
8/10 review in MUSIPEDIA OF METAL June 2019

“Pure, quirky delights, 10CC meets ELO meets Thin Lizzy, it’s the variety and versatility that is a huge strength for Ulysses – highly recommended”
8/10 review in POWER POPAHOLIC July 2019