Spartan Dreggs update

A quick update on The Spartan Dreggs LPs –

We’re currently out of stock on the Dreggredation LP’s and Coastal Command LP’s but will be getting more copies in the new year (all being well on January 8th). Anyone wishing to purchase these albums can pre-order them now but obviously we won’t be able to send until then.

There are still copies of the limited 3rd LP, Tablets Of Linear B. If you’ve already snipped off and sent in your tokens for this album you should already have it or it will be with you soon.

If you haven’t already posted your tokens in, please send with the accompanying postage costs as per the flyer that came with the records and we’ll post the 3rd LP out to you as soon as we can.

There are also a few copies of the limited 7” single We Spartan Dreggs (Be Fine) still available from our online shop along with the band’s first album Forensic R&B on LP and CD.