100,000 BODYBAGS

They came from the same welsh town as the Manic Street Preachers, Blackwood in Gwent and we really liked the demo. Met them a couple of times, offensive bunch…HA!
100,000 BodyBags are a punk / melodic hardcore band with a mix of other influences. Blackwood-based, they were formed by the lead singer from Funeral in Berlin and are well-known amongst Manic Street Preacher fans as the early rivals. The 100,000 BodyBags have played nationwide and had several singles and an 11-track compilation CD released by various labels. The BodyBags write about everyday anxiety. Politics is never far beneath the surface.
Led by the charismatic and impossibly-dreadlocked Brewer; the BodyBags were formed as a three piece in 1994. The original line-up was Craig Bruzas, Simon Cullen, and Mickey Ellison. In 1998 they took on another guitarist, Mad Ant. He’d worked with them on demos for several years. Mickey left in 2001, and was replaced by Simon’s brother Sean. Like The Monkees, they all live together in one big happy house and their favourite food is red wine (which, coincidentally, is their favourite drink too).
Current Line-up:
Craig ‘Brewer’ Bruzas – Guitar, Lead vocal
Simon Cullen – Drums, Backing vocals
Sean Cullen – Bass
Mad Ant – Guitar, Backing vocals
Here’s a review from Sellotape Fanzine…

“Nirvana have done it for the USA, 100,000 Bodybags should do it for the U.K. The most politically aware band since Crass almost like Fugazi on acid. The former top of the bill on Manic Street Preachers night of support have hit the right spot, they are sure to surpass the Manics quite simply because they are better than them. Oh! and why have I written twice as much about them than any other band cos they are twice as good as any other band I’ve heard” *****