“The real deal. The most authentic 60’s inspired garage rock since Thee Milkshakes were around”. Lee Cotterell (Vive Le Rock, UK)

The Courettes is the garage duo sensation from Brazil and Denmark!

One of the most hard-working bands on the scene, The Courettes has been busy delivering their full-speed energetic performances (more than 250 concerts!) in 15 countries around Europe and Brazil. Still, they have had the time to release two new garage rock killers by the end of 2019: The spectoresque single “Christmas (I Can Hardly Wait)”, a girlie pop Christmas anthem filled with fuzzed-out guitars and trashy jingle bells (released by Danish label Crunchy Frog) and a new 7” with 4 killer tracks  (recorded / mixed) by Liam Watson at legendary ToeRag Studios in London (released by Portuguese Groovie Records).

In 2020, The Courettes will be back at their own StarrSound Studios for working on new songs to their third album to be released in 2020.

Since the blasting debut album “Here are the Courettes” (Sounds of Subterrania, Germany, 2015), the explosive single “Boom! Dynamite!” (Bachelor Records, Austria, 2016), the thrilling single “Hoodoo Hop”, a split with Powersolo (Sounds of Subterrania, Germany, 2017), a shaking live album “alive from Tambourine Studios” (Chaputa Records, Portugal, 2017), and the brilliant second album, “We Are The Courettes” (Sounds of Subterrania, Germany, 2015), The Courettes have been critically acclaimed by the main European rock magazines:

“The real sound of now busting through my door, new songs that keep kicking the history forward. I can’t imagine my turntable without The Courettes” (David Fricke, Rolling Stone, USA. For the “We Are The Courettes” album´s liner notes)

“The dynamite just keeps on coming!” Lindsay Hutton (The Next Big Thing, UK)

“Your new favourite band once you´ve heard them!” Marc Mcstea (Louder Than War, UK)

“Unbelievably good songs, top tunes. The COURETTES get along completely without covers and have found their own distinctive sound. Charming, twisting and always danceable.” By Gereon Helmer (Ox Magazine, Germany)

“Crooked girl group love songs fed on a diet of bathtub amphetamines” Henry Hutton (Shindig!, UK)

“Like amped-up Kinks meets The Sonics in a dark alley” Lenny Helsing (Bananas Magazine, USA/UK)

“The Courettes full-bore attack would do any festival proud”. Kieron Tyler (Mojo, UK)

“The coolest couple of the Reeperbahn Festival” (The Music Minutes, Germany)

“‘60s-style garage band that has the look, the vintage gear, raw production, and actually play with pure fire and intensity. Most importantly, they have SONGS” (Mojo Workout)

The Courettes was a pioneer with their single “Voodoo Doll”. Featuring Brazilian horror legend Coffin Joe, it was the first release worldwide on revolutionary media “VinylVideo”. The first images ever coming out of a vinyl record are of The Courettes!!! Ultimate retro-futuristic coolness!

Flavia Couri (Vox, Guitar) and Martin Couri (Drums, Vox) have played at festivals like Eurosonic (Holland), Reeperbahn and Garageville (Germany), Azkena Rock Festival (Spain), Roots & Roses (Belgium), Bukta (Norway), Cosmic Trip (France), Franklin Fest (UK), Gutter Island, SPOT, Distortion and Copenhagen Psych Fest (Denmark) and also toured in Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy, Portugal and Brazil and shared the stage with artists like The Sonics, The Pretty Things, Holly Golightly, The Bellrays, Jon Spencer, B52´s, Stray Cats, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, Gang of Four, Weezer, Franz Ferdinand, and many others. 

Stay tuned for more jungle wildness & loud as hell Scandinavian rock n’ roll!