Straight out of London, Damaged Goods presents the debut album by the soon-to-be world famous, The Ulcers (Mr Potts/ guitar, Steve Legend/ vocals, Lord Cunbluster/ bass, Eric Baconstrip/ drums), ‘Hot Skin & Cold hard Ca$h’

Following hot on the heels of the band’s The Golden Shower EP (out on the Oddball label), The Ulcers started playing their brand of high energy punk n roll in 2002. Having had half of London in their line-up, they’ve finally settled on merely sharing Eric (the drummer) with The Parkinsons.

‘Hot Skin & Cold hard Ca$h’ is fast furious fun full of dirty rock n roll and filthy punk rock in the same vein as early Rocket From The Crypt, New Bomb Turks etc. they split up a few years ago but you can still go to their MYSPACE for info and to listen to a few tracks.

They lasted a year or so then split up, not world famous but it’s a cracking album and well worth a listen if you like that sort of thing