Damaged Goods is proud to present re-issues of one of thee great collaborations of our times…

Legendary 60’s Garage pioneers THE DOWNLINERS SECT and THEE HEADCOATS…Ladies & Gentlemen I give you THEE HEADCOATS SECT.

Line Up: Don Craine – guitar, vox,
Keith Grant – bass, vox
Billy Childish – lead guitar,
Johnny Johnson – harp
Bruce Brand – drums

DG266THEE HEADCOATS SECT is the inevitable intersection of two generations of mad-hatted Punk R & B misfits with musical and philosophical lineage that can be traced back over more than 30 years. The Donwliners Sect were among the country’s foremost rhythm and blues groups, their most prolific period being the years from 1964 to 1966. As is often the case, they were denied the sort of success they deserved – they were outcasts, too young, too uncouth, and just a tad too eccentric to be accepted by their peers. As the Melody Maker said of their debut album in 1964: ‘forget this one if you want a Happy Christmas, and don’t want to drive all the guests away from your party’. Today, however, to fans of raw, vital punk R & B, the Downliners Sect are revered above and beyond any of their tamers, more famous UK beat contemporaries.

Now, fast forward 30 years or so to 1996. A group of punk R’n‘B upstarts (including one Mr. Billy Childish), wearing ludicrous headgear, with a Milkshakes and Mighty Caesars pedigree are wowing the seething mass of young, uncouth, eccentric garage-heads at venues all over the country, and in the USA, and in Japan. Today Chatham, tomorrow the world! Thee Headcoats had kicked at the same locked doors as the Downliners Sect had before them, but now had found the key to success.


Now, fast forward again. What if the now greying original Sectarians were

to team up with the upstart Headcoats? Pit these seasoned R&B icons against the punk energy of their bastard children, let ‘em sink their still healthy choppers into some of Childish’s brash, biting material and capture the whole mess on tape with as little technological interference as possible. It couldn’t be anything less than brilliant!

And it wasn’t. ‘Deerstalking Men’ (on Hangman’s Daughter) was the Frankenstein’s Monster of British Garage’s first outing, in 1996 followed by ‘Ready Sect Go!’ in 2000 (on Vinyl Japan).

So lock up your daughters, fasten your deerstalker, and enjoy the irreverent spirit, and wicked sense of humour and irony that lives on in THEE HEADCOAT SECT!!!


Now it’s 2022 and the leader of the Sect, Mr Don Craine has passed over so Thee Headcoats have reformed along with Keith from The Downliners Sect to record a tribute 4 track E.P.

The ‘A Tribute To Don Craine’ E.P. is out on the 11th November 2022 as a limited 7″ single.