Last Xmas I Gave You My Heart


To give it it’s full title, LAST CHRISTMAS I GAVE YOU MY HEART (BUT THE VERY NEXT DAY YOU TOOK IT TO RECORD & TAPE EXCHANGE)¬†and the actual catalogue number was DAMPUD 57 This was a double 7″, one hard and one soft…a Flexi!  

Happiest Time Of The Year


This was a lovely split Christmas 7″ from Wat Tyler and Helen Love.

Classy photocopied sleeve in a thin poly bag, it came on two colours, murky green and shitty brown.

Sold out years ago.

Sexless EP


This was one of our best selling 7″ singles ever on Damaged Goods, can’t remember how many but quite a lot. It came with a 16 page booklet featuring the band doing spoof photos of the Madonna Sex book and a piece of tin foil with a rude word written on it in felt tip, […]

Sexless EP


Picture disc version on DAMGOOD014