Sexless EP

Track list:

  • 1 Justify Your Book
  • 2 Perry Groves
  • 3 It Makes Me Belch
  • 4 Coming Home (The Pirates Intercept)
  • 5 My Dead Relation


This was one of our best selling 7″ singles ever on Damaged Goods, can’t remember how many but quite a lot.

It came with a 16 page booklet featuring the band doing spoof photos of the Madonna Sex book and a piece of tin foil with a rude word written on it in felt tip, all in a lovely pvc bag.

There was also a few on coloured vinyl and a separate picture disc version (without the book)

DG14-RAWReview WatTyler-SundaySport

we will add more photos, reviews and stuff in the next month or so