Art Or Arse

Well, here’s an interesting little record we did back in 2001

It’s the first (and i think, last?) release from the Stuckists, a group of ‘artists’ (in the painting sense of the word), including Billy Childish and Charles Thompson.

The Stuckists are fighting against the bullshit factory that is the new art hierarchy – i.e. Tracy Emin, Damian Hurst and in particular the ‘Turner Prize’

For example in the ‘Stuckist manifesto’ it states that:

‘the only artist who wouldn’t be in danger of winning the Turner Prize is Turner…Turner did not rebuild launderettes. He did not take photographs. He did not make videos., nor, to our knowledge, did he pickle sheep or construct concrete casts of negative space. He did in fact, paint pictures!

So that’s the reason for the single but lets not forget about the music ‘Art Or Arse’ is a great PUNK ROCK tune and kicks of with a great sample of Tracy Emin at her eloquent best. If you liked ‘We Hate The Fuckin’ NME’ by Thee Headcoats then you’ll love this.

‘Anachronism In The UK’ is on the b-side plus a reading of the stuckists Manifesto.

Come on you know you want a copy…last few left now!