Between You And Me

Fabienne Delsol is back with her follow up to her 2004 debut solo album ‘No Time For Sorrows’ (Damgood 221)

Over three years in the making, ‘Between You And Me’ is full of swinging 60’s  Ye Ye pop charm including a few French language songs and the single ‘I’m Gonna Catch Me A Rat’. It’s the usual mix of cover and new songs written by George Miller, Peder Bernhardt and fellow Damaged Goods artist Pete Molinari  (who also guests on one track)

 Originally from Limoges in France, Fabienne was formerly the lead singer of legendary London garage band The Bristols and has been living and working in London with long time partner Liam Watson (Toe Rag Studios) since 1996.

 A limited 7” single will be released a week before with an unreleased track ‘And I Have Learnt To Dream’  on the b-side.

Track Listing

1.    Vilaines Filles Mauvais Garcons

2.  I’m Gonna Catch Me A Rat  

3.  Le Roi Des Fourmis
4.  Mr Mystery
5.  Pas Gentille
6.  I’m Confessin’
7.  Leave Her For me
8.  Come Along
9.  Don’t Throw Your Love Away
10. Loot
11. Bluebirds Over The Mountain
12. Just Like A Rose
13. Somewhere Between You And Me
14. That’s The Way To Do It