CYANIDE PILLS – Soundtrack To The New Cold War

Track list:

  • 1 The Kids Can't be Trusted with Rock 'n' Roll
  • 2 The King of Morale
  • 3 Low Budget Rock 'n' Roll
  • 4 Running Out of Time
  • 5 Hope You're Having Fun
  • 6 Day After Day
  • 7 Lapdog
  • 8 Act Natural
  • 9 Won't Be Long
  • 10 I Know What They Can Do
  • 11 Do You Wanna Go Out Tonight?
  • 12 Say It Out LOud
  • 13 That's Alright With Us
  • 14 Tell Me Something New
  • 15 Pecking Order
  • 16 It's Over



We catch up with lead singer Phil to discuss where the band is at man… What inspired you to make this concept album, time was right?

I had to look up what a concept album was, it means an album where the songs all relate to each other? It must have been an accident due to memory loss, “Phil, haven’t we already done a song about war?” “Phil, haven’t we already done a song about corruption?”

We live in dark times, the stupid ones are in charge, the evil ones are at the controls. It’s hard to write songs about kittens and flowers at the moment.

It’s been six years since your last album, why so long?

It’s taken a while! At first due to laziness, everyday life gets in the way, we have to pay the rent and eat so tyres have to be changed, holes have to be dug, floors have to be swept, then there was a pandemic!  but it’s mostly laziness, we are lazy cunts.

The album was produced by Carl Rosamond at the Billiard Room in Leeds. What’s it like working with him?

Everything we have ever recorded is with Mr Rosamond, he’s the extra member of the band. Who needs George Martin or Phil Spector when you have the ‘razor blade’ Rosamond living down the street.

Love the cover art for the new album. Who’s the talented artist?

The cover was drawn by ‘The head honcho’ ‘Numero uno’ ‘The big cheese’ ‘Our glorious leader’ ‘Das Kapitan’ ‘The chosen one’ ‘The golden goose’ ‘The idiot Savant’ ‘The one that walks among us’ otherwise known as Phil Privilege, he didn’t credit himself as he is very humble and shy.

‘Low Budget Rock ‘n’ Roll’ – Love it! If you were making a mixtape of low budget rock ‘n’ roll, which bands would be on it?

Low budget rock n roll, the mix tape would include anyone who hasn’t got a pot to piss in but knows three chords and just wants to play rock n roll, you know who you are.

How do you think the government are doing, happy with the Tories still?

The government are doing a marvellous job! Encouraging us all to return to old traditions like starvation, destitution, hopelessness, and despair. Let’s hope the guillotine makes a resurgence too.

You finally managed to make it into Europe for your Covid-postponed gigs. What were the best and worse things to happen on the tour?

Touring will always be fun, a bit more bureaucracy and self-inflicted bullshit to deal with but it’s soon forgotten when we get to play for our punk brothers and sisters in Europe.

You’ve been playing live without Alex, is he still in the band?

Yes, we are playing without our Mr Arson, like we mentioned earlier, life gets in the way of fun sometimes, they have to work and pay the rent in Norway too. We decided to play as four-piece for the time being, we want to play live no matter what! It was a difficult decision at first but when we noticed how much more room there was in the van…..

Yours sincerely

Cyanide Pills