KYRA – Here I Am, I Always Am (25th Anniversary Reissue)

Track list:

  • A1 Agitated
  • A2 Anna K.
  • A3 It's a Stick-Up
  • A4 Here I Am, I Always Am
  • A5 Naked
  • A6 Louise
  • A7 Marieke
  • A8 Ego Maniac
  • B1 Do Things RIght
  • B2 Organic Footprints
  • B3 Today is the Night
  • B4 Laughing Song
  • B5 Doodlebug
  • B6 Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot
  • B7 Love In A Void
  • B8 Orgasm Addict
  • B9 Die Wonderlijke Dag (This Wond'rous Day)

25th Anniversary issue with 5 BONUS TRACKS!

KYRA from The Headcoatees with backing by Thee Headcoats!

This is one of our favourite albums of the 90’s and we’re over the moon to finally have it out on Damaged Goods, it was originally released on Vinyl Japan (ASKLP71) in 1998.

This new expanded version with FIVE bonus tracks including her 7” with the legendary ‘Armitage Shanks’ is also available on coloured vinyl for the first time, peach in fact!

These are the three 7″ singles the bonus tracks were taken from.

Kyra Rubella was best known as a member of Thee Headcoatees and was also in The A-Lines and The Shall-I-Say-Quois.


Kyra (that’s pronounced ‘Keera’) is a Flemish girl who sings punk rock and Chansons with heart and abandon. She first came to our attention as one of Thee famed Headcoatees. The energy and power of her performance convinced us that she should make an album of her own.

How about it, Kyra?

“YES! YES! YES!” she screamed, jumping up and down.

So, recorded live and in a style that would make lesser hearts tremble, here she is, (she always is).