You Shine


Long deleted 7″ from Holly Golightly featuring ‘You Shine’ on the ‘A’ side and a cover of ‘Box Elder’ by Pavement on the b-side. Both tracks available on the album ‘Singles Round-Up’

Jackie Chan Does Kung Fu


Long deleted split 7″ from Thee Headcoatees & Thee Headcoats, you can find Thee Headcoatees on their singles compilation ‘The Sisters Of Suave’

Plastic Supermodel


Anorak Girl were a three piece from the sunny Isle Of Wight. This was their debut 2 track 7″ single, they did one more single after this and then we released a digital only album of everything they recorded.



From Manchester they burst onto the scene in late 1996 with their first single Paul Power T-shirt on Baby Boom records, Melody Maker gave it Single of the Week and Everett True called them ‘the coolest boy grrl punk band in the world’. John Peel loved them too playing all their stuff over and over […]

Dirty Shame


Our one and only single with the Dirty Burds. Their line up included Budget Girl Teri and this 4 track EP was recorded at the original Toe Rag studios in Shoreditch, London by Mr Liam Watson at the controls. Sold out years ago.

Karma Chameleon E.P.


Ex-Cathedra are an anarcho punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. They got together in 1991 and in late 1993 we heard about them after buying a copy of their first single on their own label. We did a single ‘Tresspass’ and then offered them an album. Their debut album, ‘Tartan Material’ was produced by Frankie (Leatherface) […]

Le Temps De L’Amour


A long deleted, anglo French split 7″ from Dutronc & Baby Birkin.  

Melting Pot


Three track picture disc 7″ from Reading punk cover specialists Oizone.

Egg Man Like Your Head


A one-off 4 track EP from Oxfords Dustball. Nightshift magazine voted them their best band of 1996



A very limited 2 track 7″, more so as we scrapped most of the pressing and there are only about 20 copies that ever surfaced.



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