Polygraph Test

Track list:

  • 1 Polygraph Test
  • 2 Sally Sensation

The Guy Hamper Trio featuring special guest James Taylor on hammond organ

Jazz Punk of the Medway Delta

Polygraph Test c/w Sally Sensation is the first release by this Medway based jazz punk ensemble.

Guy Hamper plays guitar, his wife Julie sits in on bass and mister Wolf Howard plays the drum set. Featured guest on Hammond organ is their friend James Taylor.

The idea for this great 45 was born as the guys (and Mrs Hamper) sat smoking pipes and listing to Jimmy McGriff classic ‘Last Minute’ on the dansette in the front parlour. As chance should have it at ‘that very minute’ an ice cream van pulled up outside playing the Buzzcocks classic ‘Boredom’ on its chimes.

Following a quick phone call to their trusted organist and friend James Taylor, they all bundled down into the cellar and recorded this debut classic of Jazz Punk.

I think you will agree that the resulting Jazz, Drums ‘n’ Racket is a Jazz 99 with chocolate ‘punk’ sauce and hundreds & thousands.

That’s right chillun, eat it up before the vinyl melts!