Finally, the second album from the most talked about band at last year’s Rebellion Festival, DG402--10CM-RGBwhich was without a doubt Cyanide Pills. They took to the stage unsociably early on the Saturday afternoon and gave a truly amazing performance that cemented their reputation as one of the country’s best, kick-ass live punk pop/new wave bands.

Their self-titled debut LP came out in 2010, and now the lads’ second album Still Bored is ready to hit the shelves. It’s a storming 17 track punk pop blast dealing with alienation, despair, politics and impotence. There’s also a punk rock/geography/history lesson with “Johnny Thunders Lived In Leeds”.

Like the previous album, Still Bored was recorded at The Billiard Room in Leeds by producer Carl Rosamond.DG421-RGB



Formats: LP, CD and Download
  • 1: Can't Get It Up
  • 2: Up Against The Wall
  • 3: Johnny Thunders Lived In Leeds
  • 4: Teargas
  • 5: Apathy
  • 6: Lock Up Dub
  • 7: Sit Tight
  • 8: Where Did It Go?
  • 9: Hiding In The Night
  • 10: Formica
  • 11: Nonbeliever
  • 12: Outta Nowhere
  • 13: Don't Turn Right
  • 14: Dance With You
  • 15: I Let You Down
  • 16: Keep On Dreaming
  • 17: Give It Up